Suzuki Grand Vitara (99-05) Stereo Removal

Suzuku Grand Vitara 1999 - Silver - Diesel

This is a how to guide on removing the standard Suzuki Grand Vitara MK1 stereo in a 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara. You may be doing this to fit a hands free kit or the likes. Your stereo should look like the stereo below:

Suzuki Grand Vitara Stereo


Recommended Tools*

*Note above are general tools you should have when doing this type of job, but you may not need them, see tutorial for exact tools needed


  • If you are changing to a new stereo, you will require a PC2-68-4
  • If you are fitting a Hands Free Kit (Parrot/Motorola) you will require a SOT-071
  • Single DIN sreteo adapters are available to fit in the hole
  • Double DIN Stereos can fit with some butchering of the standard fascia trim (do not recommend).


1. With your Philips, look under the fascia (below the heater controls) and you’ll see two screws.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Fascia Screws

2. Once you have removed the two screws, pull the fascia out (you may need to run your Bojo tool around the fascia to release it)

Suzuki Grand Vitara Stereo Fascia

Suzuki Grand Vitara Stereo Facia

3. You will then see 4 screws holding the stereo in place (Two in the top and two in the bottom of the stereo)
Suzuki Grand Vitara Stereo Screws Bottom Suzuki Grand Vitara Stereo Screws Top

  1. Took to halfords to fit dab stereo….chap said the hole in the fascia was too small for the stereo…… grand vitara 03 plate…..can you buy a different fascia to accomodate new stereo or is the only option to try to doctor the old one?

  2. I have a 05 Suzuki grand vitara and I won’t to change the radio from a stander one to a different one I have got the fascia which the new radio fits in but it’s bigger than the standed one what do I do.

  3. Hey James,

    Thanks for the info, but I tried removing the fascia, does not come out all the way, is there a cable that is stopping it from being removed? or just need to be forceful?

    Also what type of ISO harness I need to connect the new stereo like the Sony Double DIN WX-GT90B?

  4. Hi there,
    I’m Franch, so excuse me for my english…
    My stereo doesn’t work anymore and I would like to change it for a new model.
    The original model is square. But the new radios are smaller and rectangular. I believe that there are special bases to reduce the space of the stereo. But I do not know where to find them or how to search those products on the Internet (what is the reference?).
    Thank you very much for your help.

  5. When I do this, the left side of the fascia will not come out far enough to pull the stereo out? Can you advise me on how to get it to come out further?

    1. Rick,

      The whole fascia needs to come off to remove the stereo as there are 4 screws holding the stereo in place.

      The fascia is just held in by two screws and pop clips, you may need to wiggle it a little bit to get the fascia out.

  6. thanks for the info you posted very good i work on cars and a friend asked me to do the radio for him got the wire kit and dash kit so i shount have any problems thanks again

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