Focus ST Lookalike Piper Replica Exhaust

Piper Ford Focus ST Replica Exhaust System - 2.0l Ford Focus

As promised in my other post “How to make an ST Look-a-like”, here are some more detailed pictures of the Piper ST Replica Exhaust for none ST cars:

This is a video I created when I first got this exhaust around this time last year.

Piper kindly used my car as a test bed to develop a replica exhaust system for people, like myself, who have taken the route of making a Focus ST Lookalike.

This is fitted to a 2.0l Petrol. Cat-back system developed and fitted by Piper Exhausts.

These can now be purchased directly from Piper.

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  1. From where do you buy all these parts. i want to modify my 2,0 tdci from 2008 (facelift) and i cannot find from where to buy the parts so they can deliver to Denmark. Thanks in advance

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