Let The Dash Flocking Begin

The dash was quite easy to take out (seeing as I already had most of it stripped off, it was just a few cables I had to cut off (Some dodgy wiring under there for the alarm system) but apart from them, the rest of the wires just unplugged.

I striped down the parts of the dash I no longer need (passenger/drivers side air venting) and removed the wiring from the dash (will be re-routing the wiring)

I got the flocking kit from http://www.frost.co.uk I ordered 1 black flocking kit with one spare glue and one spare flock (you don’t really need any spare glue as I only used less than half my bottle on the dash – although you do definitely need a spare bag of the flock). I paid a little under £40 for the whole kit, could have spent a little less by not ordering the spare glue but didn’t know how much I would need.

I tell you what, never again, what a pain in the arse, the bottle kept getting blocked up and then you would always find a piece you missed to glue, but now that I’m finished it looks quite good (will see what it’s like after I dust off the overspray of the flock) –

With the kit you get from Frost, you get an empty bottle with like a nozzle on the top, and you basically just “puff” the flock onto the glue which you put on the dash.

I found it works better if you get the kitchen sieve and sieve the flock before putting it in the bottle, that way the nozzle doesn’t get blocked up with a hairball

My post on ScoobyNet

I think if I ever do this again, I’ll get it done professional, as it isn’t THAT much more to get it done. There is a lad over on ScoobyNet called Oh-Flock that can do professional flocking at a cheap price.

Don’t think I’ll be going to the car tomorrow, so no more sound deadening removal this weekend I don’t think :(

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