Your Son Needs A Huge 18th Birthday Party Adventure

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Looking after our sons is often harder than looking after our daughters. Not only are they usually slightly less mature than our daughters are at that age, but their testosterone and energy levels are usually off the charts. Depending on what country you live in, your son might now be of legal drinking age. If they are, they’re probably going to have a pub or club night out and make the most of it. As a parent, you’ll just have to accept this.

There are a couple of cool ways you can show them the benefits of a sober adventure, though. Doing so now might temper their partying spirit over the next few years, even if in your own limited, humble way.

Here are the best birthday party ideas for the high testosterone 18-year-old to blow off some steam and spend a low-risk time with his friends.

Track Day

If your son has learned to drive, why not give them a tracking adventure? If they enjoy cars, this could be their dream. First of all, they’ll be able to visit a race track that they’ll no doubt idolize. Secondly, they’ll be able to drive a car of their choice around said track with specialist instruction by a professional driver. What better way for the petrolhead to satisfy their craving for speed? This will only work if your son is of the responsible temperament, which is easily said and maybe harder to implement. For the son who makes the most of it though, it’s one of the better and more exciting methods of partying they can experience.


Paintball has been popular for some time now. It allows lads and girls the freedom to sprint around a field while shooting each other with projectiles that sting somewhat. This is a hilarious pastime to enjoy with friends because while the actual injury risk is very low, shooting your friends with these substantial projectiles can certainly help your son blow off steam. Young men are always notorious for play fighting and being boisterous, so why not purchase them a full day at the Bawtry Paintball Fields? When there, they’ll be able to specialize in their paintball build further, by purchasing smoke grenades and even additions to their paintball rifles to make them more effective. They’re likely to return after their first session. These places are often more than adequately equipped to host birthday parties of large sizes in the first place, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything will be provided for.

Cultural Holiday

If you’d like to help your child explore the wider world and experience what it means to be an earth citizen, why not purchase flight tickets to a cultural destination for them, such as Rome or Paris? While the drinking cultures there do exist, and your son is likely to take advantage of it, that’s not the express purpose like it is at the colloquially known ‘lad’s holiday’ where general debauchery takes place. Those places can be intoxicating for an 18-year-old, and as a parent, it’s likely that you’ll disapprove. This method of subverting their holiday expectations not only provides them and their friends with an amazing experience to craft themselves but will give you peace of mind.

Your son will be surely grateful that you set him up with these adventures.

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