Taking A Weekend Break In Europe Is Easier Than You Think

Whatever you may think about the European Union as a political entity, the fact remains that Europe is still a wonderful place to visit. It is unparalleled in the world for the richness of its history and culture. The UK may not also seem conventionally ‘European’, at least compared to our friends in France and Germany, but those places are not far at all, and it is quite easy to quickly plan a weekend getaway to one of the many beautiful cities in Europe. The now seemingly inevitable truth of last year’s Brexit referendum is fast approaching, so it may become incrementally more difficult to visit Europe in the future (visas may become necessary). There is therefore no better time than now to plan a relaxing and fascinating trip to somewhere in Europe. The reality is that it is not all that difficult and with a little preparation, you could be sitting outside a Parisian cafe, or perusing a German market by as early as next weekend. Here is what you need to know to make it a reality:

Travelling to Europe is quite easy because there are so many ways of doing it. If you are in London, of the south-east, or can get there without much difficulty, you can get to France for as little as £10-15. A coach from Victoria station will take four or five hours, but it is cheap and reasonably comfortable. There is also the possibility of driving down to Dover and getting the ferry yourself. If you want to travel in a little more style, and a little quicker, there is always the option of taking the train through the channel tunnel. In any case, there really is no excuse for failing to go. Some of the details that you may want to consider include whether you want to have a vehicle available to you when you are there. Leasing a car from a company like www.allcarleasing.co.uk is easy. Getting insurance for your car is not difficult either. Some of the other important things to think about include travel insurance. A recent poll found that about 40% of young people go abroad without travel insurance, which is a big risk. You may feel confident that you are covered because you have a European health card. However, travel insurance is so important because in the event that you break your leg, for instance, you will find it difficult to travel, and you will not be able to fly under any circumstances. Being able to live in a hotel while you recover may be beyond your means. You could quickly find yourself in an untenable financial position. It is, therefore, best to be covered.

Since all of the things that you need to figure out are pretty simple, the last thing to think about is where you are going to go. The beaches and hills of Normandy are beautiful all year round, and since they are so close, they represent a great trip if you only have a weekend. If you can afford to spend a few more days away, why not consider one of the many beautiful resorts in the Mediterranean like Dubrovnik in Croatia.


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