Cleaning Your Car’s Wheels and Tyres

Alloy Wheels

Do you spend as much time cleaning and maintaining your car tyres as you do the windows, body, and interior? I bet you don’t. So many people neglect the tyres, for reasons I can’t fathom because they are, after all, a pretty big part of your car, and an extremely important part too!

If you want to start taking better care of your car’s wheels and tyres, here are some simple cleaning tips to get you started:

Cleaning the Alloys

Alloys wheels are a big part of what enables you to brake and accelerate efficiently. So, they really do deserve your respect. If you look after them, they will keep your car working better for longer, and of course, they’ll ensure that your vehicle looks great.

To clean your alloys effectively, first hose them down to dislodge any loose dirt and stones, or you might be looking at an alloy wheel repair when they scratch your vehicle when it’s moving. Then, take a bucket of water, add some car cleaning solution and with a soft mitt, wipe down the alloys, moving slowly and gently.

Next, use a small brush to get into the nooks and crannies of the spokes, where dirt will collect and build up due to it being a difficult location to access. Rinse with fresh water from the hose and dry with a soft towel before applying a small amount of polish to a rag and using it to buff the alloys until they sparkle in the sun.

Cleaning the Tyres

Car Tyres

Your car’s tyres need to be clean if you want them to work optimally and avoid tyre repairs, as well as rusting. Here’s how you can keep your tyres clean:

First, you should choose the tyres down by blasting them with clean water from your hose, or even better an appropriate power washer. Then, add a degreaser to the tyres and leave it for a couple of minutes to loosen the gunge.

Now, use a tyre cleaner brush, with soft bristles, to dislodge the buildup of dirt from every groove, paying particular attention to the rim. This might take some time and elbow grease, but it will be worth it when you see the difference.

Wax and Polish

Use a microfibre cloth to dry the tyres and then wax them in exactly the same manner as you would your car, using the wax pad that is supplied with your wax. A lot of people don’t realise that you should wax your tyres, but it gives them an extra level of protection against the elements that will help to ensure their longevity.

Once the tyres have been waxed, you will want to polish them, so that they look good and so that it’s more difficult for dirt to stick to them. Once you’ve waxed and polished, you should make sure to wipe off any excess product because if you don’t, it could cause your tyres to become discoloured.

Finally, spray on a tyre dressing to freshen up your tyres and leave them looking as good as new.

Ideally, you should clean your wheels and tyres this thoroughly at least once a month, with quicker cleaning sessions in between, to keep them in optimum shape.

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