Should You Worry About Tech Security?

Computer Security

When you think about technology, what comes to mind? Is it your laptop and how you can Skype your friends every night? Do you see think of your smartphone that can do do virtually anything, except go downstairs and fetch you a cup of tea? Or, do you think of security? Do you think of that online bank account you set up yesterday? Do you feel like technology keeps your investments safe? We would not blame you if you felt a little paranoid. It is understandable if you have lost your faith in security with scandals including phone hacking and the NSA cover up. There have been a number of advancements in tech security over the years.

For example, the cloud data server. The cloud should be a scary concept, but people have accepted it relatively care free. They have done this because it offers a rather attractive solution. If you have low space on your phone or hard drive, store some things online. Where is the harm? You will also be able to access your files from any computer as long as you have an internet connection. It is not exactly a hard sale. What people do not understand is that the cloud is not as safe as they think. There have been stories of deleted files being leaked and the security for online servers is just not there yet.

However, lately there has been significant advancements in companies providing private Data Servers. These are smaller versions of the cloud other businesses are advertising. But you have the added benefit of knowing where your data is being stored. These systems are huge and powerful. Seeing one would remind you of when computers used to fill entire rooms. Infact, if you do ever use one, you will need to look into adiabatic cooling for data centres. Simplified, this is like the fan at the back of your computer. It keeps the processors cool so that they can continue working effectively.

Personal security has also taken huge leaps forward, or so it would seem. The laptop I currently own has facial recognition software. But it also has the option of using a password. Why is this? Because the developer did not trust the facial recognition software to always be effective. Another example is the Iphone. Apple made a big deal about their fingerprint ID system. However, it was really just a gimmick to sell more devices. This was proved when people managed to trick the scanner within minutes of getting their hands on one. We would certainly not recommend you store any important information on your phones.

So, should you worry about your tech security? In some aspects of your life yes. There are three simple message to take on board. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is. Real fingerprint scanners are still far too expensive and vast to work in mobile phones. Do not use anything you do not fully understand. Companies are going to continue to try and sell us complex ideas by using simple words. This is a clever marketing trick. Do not be fooled by it. Finally, it is always better to store something in a physical place rather than on a media server.


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