Virtualmin Install PHPMyAdmin In Central Location

Virtualmin Install PHPMYADMIN in central location

This guide will walk you through how to install PHPMyAdmin in a central location on your Virtualmin/Webmin package. I have recently moved on from a VPS, and managed to get my hands on a decent server via eBay, which I have no co-located in a local data centre (for cheaper then I was paying for a limited VPS.) – Anyway, that isn’t why you have come to see this page…

The plan is to have PHPMyAdmin in one central location, as opposed to using the standard Virtualmin script installer, which will add a PHPMyAdmin installation package in each Virtual Server you create. We will then want each user to be able to access to be able to visit this central location to administrate their own database. This option is extremely popular, but not thoroughly documented, coming from a CPanel background, and trying out new things, this is what option I am used to, and why use up precious hard drive space installing multiple instances of PHPMyAdmin when everyone can use the same installation?

Steps to Install PHPMyAdmin In A Central Virtualmin Location

First you will have to install PHPMyAdmin into a central location, this is easily done by logging into your Webmin admin panel, and visiting Webmin > System > Software Packages. Then select the “Package from YUM” check button and click “Browse”. Once the new window pops open, type “phpmyadmin” and click “Find Package matching:”, which will give you the following choices (newer packages may be available when reading this guide).

Virtualmin Install PHPMYADMIN in central location

Select the latest version of PHPMyAdmin (in my case this is 3.5.7-1.el6.rf). Once you have selected this, the new window box will close down, and put the words “phpMyAdmin” into the YUM box. Press the “Install” button, and this will install the package under /usr/share/phpMyAdmin.


Now we have PHPMyAdmin successfully installed (I hope), now when you type in you should see the PHPMyAdmin Login Page

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