Mac Vs. PC: Why Mac Will Always Win

If you are currently looking for a new laptop, you are probably trying to answer the age-old question: which is better, a Mac or a PC? We think that Apple’s Mac will always come out top of this fight. Here’s why.

Macs Work Out Cheaper

This point may be difficult to believe straight away, but hear me out. Sure, Macs cost quite a bit when you buy them. But they last a lot longer than PCs. So even if you only pay £400 for a PC, you might end up replacing it in a couple of years. However, your £1,000 Mac will easily last you longer. Not only that, though, but when you decide to sell your Mac or trade it in, you will end up getting a higher value for it compared to a PC.

There are Too Many PCs To Choose From

Normally, we would say that a lot of choice is a good thing. That’s because when it comes to PCs, there are just way too many to pick from. However, it’s not a good thing when you are picking a PC. Going through each and every PC on the market and contrasting and comparing them will take forever! When it comes to a Mac, you don’t have to search through different laptop models to find a spec to suit you. They have made the choice very easy, and you will only have to consider which of their four models suits your budget and requirements.

Better Build Quality

Macs may be quite expensive initially. However, there is a very good reason for all that extra expense. And that is because their build quality is unbeatable. You won’t be able to find a machine that is built to any higher standards. Worried that your clumsiness might end in you dropping or breaking it? No problem; you can always take it to a specialist IT firm that can fix Macs, such as M Suite.


Online security is extremely important these days. Being able to keep all online data and information extremely safe and secure against hackers is very important for users. Compared to PCs, Macs are completely invulnerable when it comes to these types of threats. However, even though Macs are still the safest platform, hackers and viruses are always evolving and developing, so it is still worth being very aware of basic Internet security.

Fantastic Software Included

When you buy a PC, you will need to install quite a bit of software. You will have to pay for most of this. However, some will be available for free downloaded from some websites. This isn’t the case when you get a new Mac. That’s because it will come with all the software that you will need already installed on it. Not only that, though, but you will also have access to the Apple store, where you can buy numerous apps that you can download and install onto your computer.

As you can see, there isn’t much of a decision to make!

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