How to Learn Programming in the Next 30 Days


Software is taking over the world.  And the salaries in software just keep on increasing.  So if you’re thinking of learning to program just for fun, or to help boost your career, here’s some ways to help you learn fast:

Practice Every Day

You need to be coding every single day.  Ideally for several hours or more a day.  When learning anything new, if you want to learn fast you need to dive into it as much as possible.

Learning to program is learning the concepts, and memorising the language.  However, like learning any language, you really get the hang of it once it becomes automatic.  And you get to that stage by developing muscle memory.

So the more you code, the more you develop that automatic memory, and the more your skills increase.  So it’s very beneficial even just to type out other people’s code by hand to develop that memory.  This helps you start to understand how other programmers think.

Get the Fundamentals in Place

Especially if you’re new to programming, you need to get very clear on the fundamentals.  Some of it may take a little while to get used to, but the more time you spend on this the faster it will happen.

Books can be helpful but they’re often a slow way to learn.  So there’s plenty of free video courses on sites like YouTube and Udemy.  These contain introductions to different programming languages.  Plus that way, you actually see someone work and understand their thought process, rather than just reading text.

Choose Your Programming Environment

You’ll need an environment to learn programming.  A phone or tablet generally won’t do.  You’ll need a PC or Mac generally with some necessary software installed.  However, the software in most cases is free to download and install.

Or if you don’t have a computer but have even $5 to spare you can buy a Raspberry Pi.  You’ll need to connect your own keyboard and display to it however.  And the learning curve will be a lot higher since everything will be done at the command line level.  The Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a user-friendly graphical interface however.  And once you have your Raspberry Pi you need to make sure you have Raspberry Pi cases to keep it safe.

Choose the Right Language

You’ll need to choose the right language for your programming goals.  If you’re learning to get a better job, then you need to think about the job and salary you want.  You’ll find some programming languages can get you work in your local area much easier than other languages.  Whereas if you’re learning for fun, start with a project you’d like to create in mind, and work backwards.

For example, if you’re interested in working in big business, C# or Java skills are great for getting those sorts of jobs.  But if you prefer to work at a start-up, Ruby or JavaScript may be better fits.

So with a little commitment, you can learn programming quickly.  Then the job of mastering your new skill starts.

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  1. Nice article. I’m hoping 2016 will be the year I finally push beyond the Hello World barrier. One of my challenges for the new year is to code for at least 30 minutes every day.

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