How To Sell Your Private Numberplate

Sell Your Private Numberplate

Some people may think that a private numberplate is for life, but sometimes, you may need that extra cash, or you have purchased a car with a private numberplate you do not need. There are hundreds of websites out there which can sell your private numberplate, but chances are, they are being sold via a middle-man, who will take a certain percentage cut of your final selling price.

You could always sell on an auction site such as eBay, but this isn’t a dedicated platform for selling your numberplate, and chances of your numberplate being seen on eBay is quite rare, in which case you probably would end up re-listing the number plate a few times before actually selling it, in which case eBay would then take a cut of the final selling price.

This is where Plate-Trader has the upper hand. This is a dedicated numberplate selling website, where you and you alone are the person selling the plate. There is no middle man, or final percentage fees, just a one off fee which can be seen on their website.

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