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Ever wondered what your room would look like with that new piece of furniture, or even what colour lamp or table to go for? That is where the RoomHints app comes in, as it uses state of the art technology to automatically pull back a number of different products that would be well suited for your rooms current colour scheme. In a nutshell, RoomHints  is a “mobile application that helps with interior design — take a photo of your room and we’ll show you awesome products that work for that space.”

Roomhints app

The RoomHints app is free to download from the app store (iOS only), and it works by allowing users to take pictures of each of their rooms, and the app will pull back a mirage of different products which would be suited to that room. The app allows its users to build a wish list room by room, and also provides pricing on how much each of the products cost.

If you are an interior designer, this would be a great tool to have in your pocket and can allow you to visually show customers your ideas and keep them all stored in one location.

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