Perfect YouTube Settings – Adobe Prem Pro CS4

I’ve been trying for ages to get the perfect settings for Adobe Premier Pro for exporting video’s to YouTube, and I think I have finally cracked it.

I used to get great looking video’s before, but their file size was massive and took for ever to upload, but now I have found the same quality settings but more then half the file size.

First you need to create your new project (I use 480×360 @ 29.67 fps) – Probably handy if you save these presets so you don’t have to come looking for them again.

Now make your video as you normally would, and once you have finished, export your video (File > Export)…

Under “Export Settings”, select FLV | F4V, then click on the Video tab and check the “resize video” box (we’re going to create our custom output settings here) – make sure frame width is set to 480 and height is 360 and select 29.97 frame rate.

Select the Audio tab, and make sure the bitrate is set to 128 minimum (can use 128 or 192, wouldnt go any higher then that for a YouTube video)

Now you have the settings above sorted, click the little disk icon to save the settings and give it a name for later reference.

  1. where is my last comment, i wanted to up-date a reply and cant recall excatly what I wrote, now I am trying to export to the suggested output but modifications. A bit useless if you dont publish comments, wouldn’t you say James?

    The point of this is to create a thread surely.


  2. Video has been something we have done at both a professional level and a very basic level. Wanting to take the basic level a step higher I find this suggestion interesting. I just read a similar one and have a video encoding right now! However, looking at this suggestion I have missed a step.

    So will start all over and create a new project :) Video is the future for sure in how we get our messages out there just which the top end stuff would be cheaper and easier to use!

    Thank you for this really useful

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