Flashy Gadgets For Photographers

Photography is constantly transforming with the arrival of new gadgets. Here is some the latest brand new tech that photographers are snapping up.

Holographic lenses

2D photos are a thing of the past. You can now give your photos a holographic quality by purchasing a holographic lens such as that produced by Trippy Clip. The lens is powered by nano-technology and combines a clever fisheye and prism lens system in order to achieve its kaleidoscopic effect. It works with all mobile devices and can even produce holographic videos.

Flashmate Ring Camera Light

Companies such as GiSTEQ have been inventing special camera lights to combat the issue of taking photos in low light. Such lenses are able to make every shot bright and colourful, and can be used during the night or during the day (the light balance is maintained at 5500K to ensure consistency of colour). This device is perfect for macro photos and snaps at night – it’s the flashiest flash you’ll find.


Want to get into aerial photography? Drones are now big business allowing you to take photos from previously inaccessible angles. They’ve practically eliminated the need for helicopter photography, having the bonus of being smaller and cheaper. Drones require a certain level of training, not just to learn how to fly them but also to understand the rules and regulations concerning where they can and can’t go (there are privacy and security risks, as well as dangers to other air vehicles). Many companies such as Coptrz sell drones as well offering training and insurance packages.

Inflatable photography studio

You can now take professional studio shoots wherever you go thanks to new inflatable photobooths. These are particularly useful for weddings, corporate events and special occasions. Digital technology allows users to upload any digital background to the photo that they desire. This has turned these into great novelty photo opportunities at events. Many photographers have turned this into a full time business using different backgrounds and combining this with props and costumes, transporting people into movie scenes and scenarios. It’s essentially real-time photoshop – an advanced version of those cardboard cutouts that you can poke your head through.


This mobile attachment has many uses, the most unique being that it gives the back of your phone a nice ergonomic grips perfect for snapping selfies. It also doubles up as a remote control for taking accurate photos remotely. If you want to take a photo of yourself with a group but can’t do it at arms lengths, you can prop the phone in front of you somewhere and remote control the camera view until you’ve got the perfect shot (none of this silly timer business!). Other nifty functions include shutter and focus, zoom and shooting mode so that you can fully customise your remote shot. To top this, you can add on attachments to the snappgrip to get even more playful with your photography. Such attachments include fish-eye lenses, wise angle lenses and macro lenses.

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