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The browser preview of your email campaign may not necessarily correspond to what your clients will see in their browsers or mail clients. In fact, the email they receive may look quite differently from what you sent initially. The differences may include margin changes, wrong spacing between elements, padding, background images not displaying, CSS being ignored and many more.

It is essential that you check what your email notification looks like on as many mail clients as possible, and that is exactly what test SMTP servers are for.
Mailtrap is a great test mail server, which allows developers to test email notifications without spamming real customers of your app. Mailtrap also gives you an opportunity to view and analyze emails online, auto-forward them to regular mailboxes, share them with your team members and much more.
The integration of Mailtrap with your application is incredibly easy. The config code ensures quick setup as no tweaks in the app code are needed. Just define Mailtrap as an SMTP server in your app’s settings and keep track of all emails online. You can also make use of these popular framework configs: Django, JBoss, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, etc.

Mailtrap renders emails just like browsers do, so this email server test tool is nearly 100% compatible with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.
The fact that all emails are trapped by Mailtrap doesn’t mean that they can only be viewed within the tool’s interface. Set up automatic forwarding or forward email notifications manually to your own mailbox as well as your team’s mailboxes.
There are a few subscription plans offering various opportunities available for Mailtrap users. But you can also enjoy using a limited number of Mailtrap features entirely free of charge!

Extremely easy setup process, platform-independence and the fact that you can use Mailtrap for development as well as staging purposes make this fake SMTP server a superior tool for email testing.

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