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If you have what it takes, why not show the world? The social network application Peepme gives people the opportunity to do just that and everybody seems to love it.

Peepme was created by Zeki Sever of Manhattan, New York on March 22 2014 and it already has more than 300,000 active users. This number is growing every day. Now Peepme LLC has made the application even better. It has a fresh, clean new interface and some new functionality has been added as well.

Peepme LLC has structured this application very much on the traditional social media model and the interface is similar to that of  Instagram. This means that new users can start posting and peeping right away without having to go through a learning curve.

The new Peepme design for 2015 succeeds in keeping this winning recipe intact while making the application even more of a pleasure to work with.

PeepMe Preview

Apart from a new minimalist logo the application offers the following:

  • A Logon/Signup screen.
  • A posting page where you can inform others of what you have bought as well as what you have paid for the article, complete with a picture.
  • A profile page that keeps track of the money that you have spent and tells you and other users the total.
  • And a chat page where you can connect with other Peepme users.

What you have and what you choose to buy is very much part of who you are. Peepme gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself by revealing your buying habits.

Apart from being a welcome addition to the social media landscape this application is also a promotional tool that packs a punch. Seeing a product and the price on Peepme can lead to a lot of sales.

For some people this application can be used as an ideal tool for showing off. Others may see it as a way of sharing bargains that they may have acquired. Whichever way you look at it , it offers a new and fascinating look of the products out there and of people who buy them. It definitely has the Wow-factor.

Celebrities are role models. We want to know who they are and what they own. We dream about the lives they lead and the stuff they buy. Many people would pay for the opportunity to peek into their treasure chests. With this application you can do that for free.

You can register for Peepme through your Facebook account or email. Signing up for and using the application may have privacy implications. These are explained on the website at

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