Burry CC9060 iPhone Phone Book Problem

Burry CC9010 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

Yesterday I fitted a Burry CC 9060 into a Vauxhall Astra (this does not have anything to do with the issue), everything went fine fitting wise, and tested everything worked fine with my iPhone4 (latest firmware).

So today I get a call from the customer saying he’s having issues with his Bury Kit, so I asked him to bring the car down to me so I could take a look, and he is right, it is being strange. The customer has an iPhone 3GS (latest firmware), and when he goes into the phone book, and selects someone to dial, extra numbers are added onto the number and the phone tries to dial the number that is sent (which does not work).

So I reset the Bury to factory defaults, connected my phone back up, and everything works fine (no extra numbers). So I grab another phone (another iPhone4 running latest firmware), connect that up, and this has exactly the same issue as the iPhone 3GS (extra numbers are being added onto the end of the telephone number from the phone book) – but for some reason when it calls the number it actually rings the person (with the added numbers on the end).

This has got me totally confused, I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on. I have looked everywhere, and only thing I can see is an app causing this problem? or Exchange Server Maybe?

I’ll give some things a try next time I see the customer, worst case, I will fit a Parrot (I cannot get enough of Parrot hands free kits, fit these day in day out and have minimal bother with them)

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