Replace Ford Focus Air Filter MK2 (2005-2008)

Ford Focus MK2 2.0l K&N Air Filter

The air filter on the Ford Focus MK2 is required to be changed every 12,000 miles or every year (basically every time the Ford Focus is serviced.)

You can easily replace the Air Filter in the Focus yourself using just a Torx screwdriver, and a couple minuets of time.

Replace Ford Focus Air Filter

Ford Focus Engine Bay - Remove Air Filter

Open the bonnet on your Focus, and locate the Air Filter housing (Pictured above). This engine bay is from a 2.0l Duratec HE (Petrol), other Ford Focus MK2 engine bays may differ, but they are all laid out similar.

Ford Focus Airbox Remova ScrewsLocate the 6 Torx screws holding the top of the box in place. Note the one screw under the piping can be a little tricky to get into. If this is the case, the airbox simply pulls out towards you, which will allow you to twist the air box to gain access to that one hard to reach screw.

Torx Screw Driver
Torx Screwdriver removing screws from the top of the air box

These screws do not come all the way out, which is a great idea, as it stops you and technicians losing screws down into the engine bay when it comes time to service the car and replace the air filter.

Replace Ford Focus Air Filter With K&N Re-Usable

Once the screws have been removed, the air box lid simply pulls up, revealing the air filter – The picture above shows a K&N Reusable Air Filter – These are simply just washed using water, and then re-lubricated using special oil.

  1. Hi, do you have an image of what your box is connected to as mine is just the top air box with no pipe down so it seems i am missing some pipe or maybe another filter box? Thanks for your help.

    1. If it’s MK2.5 after facelift it won’t have the GHIA/LX code because it wasn’t coded this way

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