Fitting a ST180 Ford Fiesta Triple R Composites Front Splitter

Ford Fiesta MK8 Front Splitter

Fitting a Ford Fiesta Triple R Composites front splitter is one of the easiest modifications we have ever fitted. Adding a spoiler or splitter to your car can give it a meaner sportier look, and there is nothing more sportier then fitting a front splitter to your car to give the front end a lower look. There are two ways to go when fitting a splitter, over the top (for that chav boy racer look) or a nice subtle splitter like the Triple R Composites Front Splitter for the Ford Fiesta (amongst other cars they provide splitters for).

 Fitting Information

[alert type=”red”]You will be using a drill under the front of your car for this[/alert]

Required Parts & Tools

  • 1x Triple R Composite Front Splitter
  • 1x Jack
  • 2x Axle Stands
  • Drill & Drill Bits
  • Spanners
  • Masking Tape
  • Extra Pair of Hands
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Fitting The Ford Fiesta Triple R Composites Front Splitter

As part of the package, you are supplied with the dedicated Ford Fiesta Triple R Composites front splitter, which is moulded perfectly for the front bumper of the MK7.5 Ford Fiesta ST. Its moulded so great, that it fits perfectly on the front bumper, which means there is no need to measure the splitter to make sure its aligned correctly.
Triple R Composites Splitter

First place the splitter under the front lip of the bumper and position it in place. Using some masking tape, secure the splitter to the bumper in preparation to drill the holes into the bumper. At this point, depending on your drill and drill bit size, you may find out that you will need to raise the front end of the car to be able to position the drill directly under the bumper and splitter combo.

Triple R Composite Fiesta ST Front Splitter
Ford Fiesta MK8 Triple R Composites Front SplitterTriple R Composites Front Splitter

Once you have enough room for access, begin to drill the holes into the under side of the bumper (using the pre-drilled holes in the splitter as a template).

You will now need to use the provided bolts, and a set of small hands to feed the bolt and washer combo through the now drilled holes to secure the splitter to the car. Remember to use a washer each side of the splitter and bumper (bolt, washer, splitter, bumper, washer, nut). I found it easier to lay the bolts out and put a washer on the end of each bolt, feed the bolt thought the holes in the splitter / bumper, and then place a washer on the bolt and finally the nut on top of bolt behind the bumper. (This is where you will find its easier to have smaller hands to do this part).

Triple R Composite Bolts
Once the bolts are screwed finger tight, you will need to use a ratchet and spanner to fully tighten the bolts.
Fiesta Splitter Fitted
Splitter Bolts

Finally remove the masking tape from the splitter and stand back and admire your handy work.

Completed Splitter Install

Now completed, the Ford Fiesta Triple R Composites front splitter makes the car look so much meaner.

Ford Fiesta MK8 Front SplitterFord Fiesta Front Splitter - BlueFord Fiesta Triple R Composites Front Splitter

The Ford Fiesta Triple R Composite front splitter is available directly from Triple R Composites via their Facebook page (as they currently do not have a website).

  1. hello mate. u have a very nice car. just wondering could you please tell me where and how much u got the splitter for? thank you.

  2. hello again! Two things i wanted to know… did your splitter come as the gloss black colour and are those pictures with the lowered springs added to the car? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stefan, the Triple R composites splitter comes in gloss black as standard. They also do a carbon version.

      And yes the car is lowered 35mm more than standard.

  3. Do you know if having this fitted would make the warranty on the car invalid? Ford can be a bit funny about mods

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