Radical SR8 Crash on Track

There’s a fine line between skill and insanity, this video of the Radical SR8 on track starts off with the driver showing a lot of skill, although the track does look quite bumpy – add this to a car that doesn’t weigh much, and sharp breaking and a corner, the car becomes unbalanced – My brother knows all about this!

Well just watch what happens. I have the say the guy is quite lucky, as there could have been a lot more damage to the Radical SR8 if he was going just that bit faster.

These cars are designed for track use, and are supposed to be the best handling kit track cars available. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these to blast around the track, but I’ll have to stick to my Subaru Impreza for the time being. [Miguel Villagomez TV via YouTube]

Radical SR8

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  1. Hey! Nice to see that you put the video on your website!
    Thanks for the part of “off with the driver showing a lot of
    skill”, I certainty put your words to the test!! Cheers

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