How To Sell Your Car & Make A Big Profit

How To Sell Your Car

There are thousands of articles out there offering advice on buying cars. Unfortunately, few offer sound knowledge on selling your current car. After all, getting the right price for your old car is crucial to paying for the next one! The more profit you squeeze out of the sale, the more you can spend on the next motor. Just think, taking that extra care could help you afford the bigger stereo or even the faster engine!

Before we get stuck into the main part of the article, a quick note on your car’s condition. If you want to squeeze every last drop of value from your old car, make sure you present it in pristine condition. Give it a good wash and clean (inside and out!) Replace the oil, and make any small repairs too. Finally, fill it up with a tank of petrol to entice buyers. These tricks will add a lot of money to your potential sale price. So, now to sell the car.


The most common method of offloading your old vehicle is the part-exchange. Here, you’ll give your old car to the dealer when you buy the new model. The value of the car is subtracted from the price of your new motor. The best thing about this method is the simplicity. It’s hassle free and no trouble at all. The downside is that you won’t necessarily get the best price.

Sell to another dealer

It’s always worth getting a few quotes from the local dealers. Again, this method is quick and simple. Our best advice here is to take the car to the corresponding dealer. For example, if you’re selling a Ford Fiesta, take it to the Ford dealership. It sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many drivers lose money by going elsewhere.

Private market

The private market is by far the most lucrative method of selling your car. By taking on the sale yourself, you cut out the middleman (and their commission). Of course, you will have to put in a little leg work yourself. You’ll list the car in local magazines and newspapers. You can list it online through seller’s websites. Then it’s down to you to meet buyers, take them on a test drive and negotiate the price.


In some ways, selling at auction is leaving the sale in the hands of fate! On a good day, you’ll secure a fantastic deal here. Just make sure you set a reserve price that you’re happy with.

Car Buying Websites

You’ve all seen the adverts on TV for car buying companies. But, don’t dismiss them for their catchy jingles! Some sellers have reported very reasonable quotes using these services. Visit, and put in your vehicle’s details to see for yourself. These companies guarantee to take your car no matter what condition it’s in. It’s the quickest and simple method of selling.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selling your car. You can take the easy route and make a quick sale. Or you can put in the legwork and squeeze out those extra pennies. Good luck!

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