Powder Coating Machine

Powder Coat Machine

I have had my Electrostaic Powder Coating machine for a year or two now, but didn’t get around to using it much to begin with. I purchased this in the foresight of cleaning up my Impreza track car, removing components cleaning them up and powder coating them myself – I saw this as a big money saver from taking parts to get done professionally.

Powder Coat Machine Requirements

  • Compressor
  • Oven
  • Powder (Available in loads of colours)

Powder Coat Machine

I got my kit from Electrostatic Magic website, and created my own oven using two heat guns and a metal cabinet which I could easily get the cabinet to the required 180 degrees for 10 min. I also already have a small compressor which I used to provide a steady flow of air through the powder coat gun its self.

The first time I got to use this properly was to powder coat my brothers metal wheel studs once he got his wheels painted black. This was a great experience and the outcome was excellent, it looked as if a pro had a hold of them.

For anyone wanting to purchase a powder coating machine, I would recommend one to anyone. It also looks like there are new versions of the device I have got, which works away from the transformer system. [ElectrostaticMagic]

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