Ford’s New Wireless Brake System

Ford Wireless Break System

Ford have been on the drawing board again, and have actually come up with something I would consider extremely useful, a wireless brake system… But its not exactly how it sounds.

Ford’s new system will alert other drivers of vehicles ahead of them braking, which would come in use for when there is low light, fog or even roads with blind corners.

Ford's Wireless Brake System

Ford intend to use a wireless system, which will be fitted to all new model Fords, which will inform other car users behind (Ford Drivers) that the car in front of them is currently on the brakes. Now this may not be useful if you are on a straight motorway with clear sight of the car in front, but I can see this becoming a life saver when on roads with bad visibility, or even cars stopped just around a blind bend.

Test are currently under way on Ford’s new wireless brake system, but hope to release this soon on all new models released under the Ford name.

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