The Start Of The Unwanted Wiring

Got some more work done Impreza today, mainly taking out wiring I no longer need, i.e. ABS module wiring that’s under the drivers seat… what a pain in the arse that was, I’ve never seen manufactured bodged wires before (they basically spliced a load of wires into one at some points)

For some strange reason, the ABS module wires and electric window wires were connected to each other, which i had to untangle and re-wrap with electric tape, I also re-routed the window wires behind the dash (for some reason it went along the drivers side, then under the drivers seat, over the diff tunnel, down the passenger side plugged into the windows and then down the passenger side to another plug at the front of the car)

Also pretty much finished all the sound deadening in the front of the car (going to do the boot at a later date as I’ve moved all the parts that was in the car into the boot), will get the thinners out to get rid of the little brown bits that’s left and then out with the Hammerite spray paint to paint it all black.

Only one goodie arrived this week for the car, my Wilwood Brake Bias Valve

Things to do list

  • Remove the oil filter (tried it the other week, and the heat must have got into it and made it tight, as I couldn’t remove it by hand, and I didn’t have my oil filter strap with me)
  • Undo all the oil cooler pipes, move the oil cooler to a new place, and put it all back together.
  • Heat wrap the headers, and maybe a bit of the up pipe (cannot remove it from the car, as I cannot get to the up pipe bolts under the turbo – unless there’s a trick to it) and the up pipe and headers are all one unit :(
  • Put the dash back in (after I butcher the wiring harness to remove the stereo & speaker harness)
  • Then if I’m feeling brave enough, tackle the ABS module under the bonnet, and fit a brake bias valve.
  • Fit the new brake pads
  • Then finally put the wing and front bumper back on and it should be ready for track
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