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    Magento EPOS Till System

    Magento is one of the largest platforms for online e-commerce sales. I should know, I’m currently working within a company who is migrating all their current online shops to the Magento platform, but their main issue at the moment is integrating their current high street stores to use this system to control their stock – We need a direct Magento EPOS system.

    Why have multiple systems to control stock, from stock management system, to insert that stock into Magento, then another plug-in to have their current EPOS tills link into both systems, when Magento can keep track of their stock, and have an EPOS system which will link into Magento and deplete stock and keep prices and information the same. It could also use the programmed SKU (Barcode) information from Magento to allow EPOS systems to scan the barcodes, and bring up the relevant information.

    Now, I would say I am quite good at creating bespoke systems for the businesses I have worked within (so would my former employers), so I think this may be a way forward for me to create something that will link in to Magento (and possibly other shop fronts).

    Magento EPOS Features

    The main features of a Magento EPOS would need to be:

    • Usable on current till systems (Cloud? with local backup?)
      • Barcode scanning
      • Receipt printing
      • Card payments
      • Money draws
      • Calculate price, change
      • Product description
      • Product image
    • Integrate directly with Magento to find current price
    • Integrate directly with Magento to decrease stock once sold
    • Local database in case of system outage

    There are possibly more (I will add to the list once I sit down properly and think of what will be needed).

    I think I would try and create something which can be used by this company, and for other company’s in the same situation. There could aslo be the possibility of making something that is compatible with tablet PC’s to allow sales to be made within the shop floor, keeping staff away from the usual till desk and moving around the shop.

    Magento EPOS

    Would a Magento EPOS system described interest your company?


    About the Author

    University Graduate from Teesside, currently residing in the big city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Interests in the automotive industry and technology, and blogging about things which I feel would interest the readers of the world wide web.

    4 Responses to Magento EPOS Till System

    1. Nick says:

      Hi James
      have you created this system or are you still in development?. I would like to run upto 5 tills in our current store and have the potential to open other store in the future.
      Kind regards

      • Hi Nick,

        This is still in the design phase at the moment. This is something I would like to get sorted and released as I know it would be a popular product. But currently there are not enough hours in the day.

        I will keep you posted though.



    2. Hi James,

      Did you ever find a suitable solution for Magento & POS?


      • Hi Matt,

        Unfortunatly not, and welcome to my blog – I’ve read your blog a few times in the past.

        I have decided to take on the task of trying to create my own magento EPOS system to link directly into the Magento API.

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