Why You Don’t Need A Flagship Smartphone Anymore


Until recently it was perfectly normal to blow $600 on a handset. After all, it was the high-end handsets that had all the features that customers wanted. They had the high resolutions screens, the fast processors and the high memory. But now things in the smartphone market have changed. It’s yet another example of the technology trickle down effect in the world of tech. First, a few high-end models get a particular feature, and then over time, that feature spreads to the rest of the market as costs come down. It’s an amazing process to watch.

Cheap Smartphones Until Recently

Things weren’t always so great for cheaper handsets. If you remember the Samsung Galaxy Ace, a phone that was released back in 2011, you’ll know all about this. The problem with that phone was that it was unable to keep up with user inputs. The processor was so slow that you would click a button on the user interface and then have to wait for the phone to respond. Just scrolling the web or moving between screens was an ordeal that left many users frustrated. Many were compelled to opt for flagship models instead, despite the $400 price premium.

What was more, these phones were poor from a software perspective too. Often, Android developers didn’t bother crafting OS updates for these phones as they didn’t expect their customers to be able to benefit. The phones were just too slow to be able to run newer, more resource-intensive versions.

Budget Smartphones Today

But that has all changed today. One of the main things that has changed is the fact that Android developers have now made it so that even low-end phones can benefit from updates. This has meant that even people who only want to drop $100 on a smartphone can continue to take advantage of the latest software developments.

Then there’s the fact that budget smartphones are a heck of a lot cheaper for what you get. The cost of hardware continues to fall, partly thanks to Moore’s law, and partly thanks to the fact that many of the factories that churn this stuff out are manned by robots who essentially work for free.

There has also been innovation in the financial sector. You can now get phone contracts on bad credit with zaggor.com, as well as other reputable sites. This means that people who would once have had to use pay-as-you-go can benefit from all of the perks of having a phone on contract.

Perhaps the primary value though for consumers is that modern budget smartphones no longer offer a bad experience. For instance, the Moto G costs around $179 for the handset. It’s got a 5-inch display, like many of the flagship models of yore, and it’s got a lot of the features of a phone three times the price. It should also be pointed out that it has a camera that is equivalent to the one that found its way onto the iPhone 4S, according to arstechnica.com which was a $450 phone at the time, proving just how many features have trickled down from the high-end of the market to low-end consumers.

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