Going Camping? Be Careful What Tent You Use

Snow Camping

When it comes to camping, it’s not the case that every tent is suitable for all trips. People often see camping to be as simple as bringing whatever tent you have to hand. As long as it provides cover from the rain and can be pinned into the ground, it should be fine. Right?

Not so fast. The art of camping covers a wide variety of potential conditions. That tent that you used at that music festival you went to a couple of years ago may not help you much if you’re going into the mountains.

The wet (but warm) seasons

All winter, we beg the powers that be for spring. But when spring comes, it seems to be not much less miserable than winter! Every spring seems to be getting wetter and wetter. Autumn, too, seems to have been seeing more rain over the years. But these seasons can still get pretty warm, of course! What you want here is a tent that has the strength to protect you from the elements. But it needs to be one that doesn’t bake you with strong, winter-suitable insulation! What you need is a three-season tent. Read more about camping in the rain at Survivalcommonsense.com.


Hot summers

Three-season tents are supposed to cover all the seasons except winter. But some people may find that they still get a bit warm during summer. Traditional tents are going to get very hot during summer. In the morning, you may find that they feel like an oven! One thing you could consider is creating a tarp shelter. These things will give you plenty of air but with protection from sunlight. Sites like Rollingfox.com can help you with tarp shelters, amongst other camping tips.

Tarp Camping

Solo adventures

Let’s say you’re just going for a short hiking trip by yourself. You’re going to want something lightweight. You’re also going to need to skip out on a few camping luxuries. After all, the tent’s main purpose, in this instance, is to provide you with somewhere to sleep. A hoop or a tunnel tent is what you need to look for. They’re lightweight and designed for a single person. Just remember that these don’t do too well against strong winds! Read more at solo hiking at Hikingdude.com.

High winds

If you’re going hiking or embarking on any other form of mountain climbing, you’ll need a specific type of tent. It will, of course, need to be very portable. But it will also need the strength to handle the strong winds you’ll face as you increase your elevation. This is where you need to think about material strength as well as the tent shape. What you need is a dome-shaped tent. Domes can retain their shape better when pitted against high winds.

Tarp Tent

Comedy festival

Of course, if you’re going to some sort of festival featuring camping then you’re probably not going to need something hardcore. (Unless it’s extremely rainy and muddy… which it does seem to be at most of these things.) Whatever the case, you can always look into getting a more casual tent that’s sure to provoke a grin or two.

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