Essential Gear For Every Adventurous Traveller

Adventurous Traveller

Travelling is fun, but do you know what’s more fun? If you spice up your travels with a little bit of adventure. Going adventure travelling is epic and something everyone should try. If you’re thinking of being a bit adventurous, here’s some essential gear to bring along for the ride:


Before you do travelling of any sort, it’s important you don’t forget to pack clothes. But, when you’re doing some adventurous travelling, things get a bit complicated. You have to pack clothes that are suitable for what you’re going to be doing. If you’re off to a cold climate, you’ll need thick coats and thermal layers. If you’re doing some deep sea diving, you need the appropriate wet gear, etc. Think about where your travels will take you, then pack the relevant clothing. It’s important you’re wearing the right clothes or things could go horribly wrong. I know that you might think the extreme thing to do is go topless and wear shorts. But, I can assure you that true adventurers always pack the correct clothing.


Being an adventurous traveller means you’ll often find yourself walking through tough terrain and bad weather. You could be trekking through mud or up the side of a mountain. Wherever you are, I’m sure it won’t be a good idea to wear your nice new trainers. No, you can’t expect to wear stylish footwear if you’re going on an adventure. Before you set off, make sure you’ve got the appropriate things on your feet. In my eyes, you should get a pair of boots that are designed to deal with tough conditions. Consider something like Haix Boots that are used by the police force. If the police use them, you know they’re meant for harsh conditions and will last a long time. Wearing suitable footwear is essential if you want to be a proper adventurer.

Survival Items

A key part of every adventurer’s inventory needs to be a range of survival items. I’m talking about those things that could save your life if you run into any danger. At the top of that list is a water purification bottle. This is a water bottle that will filter any water that passes through it. So, if you need water and you’re by the sea, just scoop some up and it will make it good to drink. The second item you should pack is a flare gun or something of that sort. Something that you can use as a beacon if you ever get lost. Firing a flare can help people find you and bring you back to safety. The third thing may shock you but it’s very important. You have to bring your smartphone. I know I know, it doesn’t sound very hardcore or adventurous, but it’s essential. Your smartphone can double up as a compass or a torch. It can provide you with a way to call people for help. It can also transmit a signal that helps people find you if you’re lost. Don’t forget to pack it and get a shock absorber case to keep it safe.


And there you have it, this has been a guide to the essential gear every adventurous traveller must have!

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