Exhaust Wrapping + More

To try and keep temperatures down under the bonnet (and also stopping the headers from heating up the oil filter, which in-turn ups the temperature of the oil through the engine). As I had stated in previous posts, I just cant get the headers / up pipe off the turbo end of the engine (there is a bolt on the bottom of the turbo I just cant get any tools to)

I managed to bolt the front part of the roll cage in today, but then realised I have run out of bolts for the other side, so have just ordered some more M10x40mm bolts

I had a bash at the windows today, put the rear switches in the car, but still nothing (I am feeling a full re-wire of the window system will be calling (any one done this before?) or does anyone know someone selling windy window mechanism?

Was going to wire in the gauges but when looking at the oil pressure sending unit, it seems to be a bigger then the one I already have, so I think I’ll need an adapter to fit the end of the sender unit into the hole

No Digital Camo work done today, as my helper was helping her dad all day…

Will be putting the passenger side back together once I have the blowers working again (I’m hoping its just a plug not in), once I’ve done that, I can put the harnesses back in, but I also need to finish stripping and painting the rear bench and boot.

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