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Drinkle Business Management

Drinkle is the ultimate business management suite for any small business. If you find yourself flicking through lots of different programs, with no way of easily keeping track of every aspect of your business, and shared between your work colleges, then Drinkle is defiantly what your missing out on.

Drinkle allows you have a centralised business hub, where you and your employees can easily collaborate to produce a single outcome for your clients.

 Projects & Tasks

Using Drinkle, you can easily manage projects, and tasks, which can easily be assigned to different members of your team to work on, and create deadlines for every task, and upload documents for each task to allow other colleagues to keep track of what has already been completed.


Simple spreadsheets can be created on the fly, allowing users to quickly note down important information, which can be shared amongst other users to have a central location for all information.

Lead Management

If you employ a sales team, you can keep track of leads which may or may not convert into clients. This tool allows you to see who, what and where the lead came from, and stage management of a lead allows you to quickly see where in your process a lead is currently sat.


You can keep any number of notes on the system, from process documents, to quick notes taken during a phone conversation. This allows for documents to be easily shared and important information accessible to all your business group.

All in all, Drinkle has to be top of your business start up list.

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