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No one knows your website better than you do, because of this, it may be hard to get a more in-depth view of what your customers do when on your website. This is where Ptengine can dramatically help you analyse your customers movements throughout your website. Unlike certain competitors, such as Google Analytics, the amount of data available can be hard to decipher, and utterly meaningless unless bespoke dashboards are built for business owners.

Ptengine have done all the hard work for you, and allows any business manager an easy to view and easy to analyse set of data for any website you may own. The main focus of Ptengine’s is their Heatmap technology, which makes them stand out from the crowd, as it allows for tracking no matter the users screen resolution, and even works well with responsive website designs across multiple computing platforms.

Ptengine vs Google Analytics

The biggest aspect of Ptengine that makes this company stand out from Google Analytics, is the dashboard is easily viewable and the data it collects can be viewed straight away without creating any sort of dashboard (which you would have to do to get any sort of usable data in Google Analytics). The ease of use of Ptengine means anyone in your team can use the out-the-box dashboard to produce reports on how your website is doing.

Ptengine Dashboard

Another great feature of Ptengine (which Google does not have) is that it tracks every single click on your website, even if there is no call to action button. So if you find that you do not have a link back to your home page from clicking your logo, and a lot of people click your logo, it would be worth wile adding a link to your home logo for a better user experience for your customers.

If you wanted to create filters on Google Analytics, it can take a lot of time and knowledge to segment each customer into groups, but Ptengine can do this with a simple click of a button to get the statistics you require.

Ptengnine’s Heatmap Technology

The main exciting part of Ptengine is the heatmap technology they incorporate in their system. The heatmap allows you to track any click (call to action or not) on your website. It also uses what is known as “dual locating technology” which allows their code to track elements on responsive designs and for all users running different screen resolutions.

Ptengine Heatmap

You can also compare heatmaps from one page to another, which is a great tool if you are undergoing A/B testing between two pages, and can allow you to see what elements work, and which don’t.

There are hundreds of other features which Ptengine offer, and as this is a brand new company, they are offering free trials of their products. So why not give it a try yourself and see how easy it is to use.


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