Well I’m a bit peeved off at the moment after doing some bits to the car today.. not everything went to plan

Got the car running again, ECU and drivers seat back in place, was going to give it a wash but then realised the electric windows no longer work (one of the windows is down and cannot get it back up)

Got the car running again, and had a look underneath and saw oil dripping under the car – I think its from the plate that connects the oil filter to the oil cooler I’ve installed. So it looks like it will have to be off with the headers, up pipe, oil cooler pipes and PFTE tape them up, as I think they are leaking through the threads of the bolts. Seems like its two steps forward and one step back at the moment, just as i topped up the oil and got the brake fluid back in, will have to drain it all out again. :'(

Realised I had taken one set of pads out of the drivers side callipers, and had been pumping the breaks the last week to bleed them through, and tried pushing the pistons back with some flat head screwdrivers (i know i shouldn’t have done that) and then there was brake fluid coming out of the callipers somewhere. Will take a closer look tomorrow in the light. I just hope its not the seals, I fear it will be ni-on impossible to find the seals for Girling callipers…. Was a nightmare just finding brake pads for them.

So nothing has gone too well for me today, and time is closing in for the first track day (Japfest – Castle Combe)… I can see myself missing the track day and down some money

Will also have to get myself some hose to re-connect the 3port (might have to give it a clean out first, dunno how long it hasn’t been used for, but heard it buzzing away once the car was started today – think I’ll squirt some brake cleaner down there to clean it out)

Think its going to be a nightmare getting the windows working again, for some reason the window wires were in the same loom as the ABS module (all earthed together) so I have a feeling that may be the problem of the windows not working…. or do you think they wont work if there are no switches connected to the rear windows? Maybe it has to have a complete circuit to work?

Could actually put windy windows in (if there is such a thing, might save a bit of weight without having a motor)

It best be running spot on once i get all this stuff fixed, there was a little bit of white smoke coming out the back when i started it up before, but that’s probably due to the fact the car hasn’t been started for a couple of months and sat in a cold garage.

Its quite off putting when things go wrong, was enjoying working on the car up till now.

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