A Detailed Guide To Keeping Your Car’s Paintwork Looking Brand New

Washing Car

There’s nothing better than buying a brand new car, fresh off the forecourt. It gleams in the sunshine, and the bodywork is utterly spotless and pristine. The entire car has been cleaned and detailed by experts before it left the showroom. It’s not easy keeping your pride and joy in this perfect condition. In fact, you’ll quickly notice the shine fading, and spots of dirt appearing on the paintwork. The good news is that you can restore the shine. Set aside an hour once a week, and you can keep your car’s paintwork as good as new.

Touch up paint

The first thing to do is purchase touch up paint. It’s a small tube of paint that perfectly matches the colour of your car. Personally, we use Chipex, and we’ve never had a problem with matching colours. These touch up paints quickly and easily hide any small scratches or chips. We suggest checking your paintwork regularly for any small marks. As soon as they appear, the metalwork is exposed to the air, which will lead to rust. The faster you can cover it up, the better.

Look for early signs of rust

As we mentioned before, rust can take hold pretty quickly when the metal is exposed. It also tends to build up in unsuspecting areas. One of the most common places is under and around the wheel arches. The most suspect warning sign is bubbles in the paintwork. If you see this, it’s time to take action quickly. It means there is moisture underneath your paintwork, and that will eventually lead to rusting. It’s best to let the experts handle this, though you can repaint small areas with touch up paint.

Hand wash

If you’re serious about keeping the beautiful shine on your car, always hand wash it. The robotic machine washers have an abrasive quality, and will slowly damage the paintwork over time. Your car needs a gentler touch! We suggest getting your hands on some quality car shampoo. Some car manufacturers even produce a specific shampoo for their cars. Wash slowly, and in circles to get an even coverage. Finally, hose it down, and ensure you reached every spot. (While you’re at it, don’t forget the interior too).


There’s an easy trick to know whether your car needs a new coat of wax or not. When you hose down the car after washing, look at the size of the water beads that form on the car. If they retain their round shape, and remain smaller than the size of a quarter, the wax is fine. If the beads stretch out, become elongated, or form a thin sheet, you’re ready to re-wax. Choose the best type of wax for your paintwork, and apply it gently. Rub it in slowly with a damp cloth, and that bright shine will slowly appear!

Lastly, don’t forget the details! Make sure you clean the windows, tyres, and the hub caps effectively. By following each of these tricks, you’ll keep your car looking showroom fresh for months. Good luck!

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