3 Basic Tips To Keep Your Car Feeling New

Keep Your Car Feeling New

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll absolutely love your car.

Driving is great and a car is one of our most cherished possessions and unlocks a whole world of new adventures. In a sense, it is an extension of ourselves and easily one of the most important purchases we ever make.

After spending so much money on a car (or even if you bought a cheap second hand one) it would be stupid not to give it the care it needs. Looking after your car will not only keep it looking nice, it will help the performance too.

Here are three quick and easy tips to ensure your car keeps that ‘brand new’ feeling.

Keep It Clean

Clean Your Car

Driving off the forecourt in a new car is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Part of that enjoyment is in the fact our vehicle is all shiny and new. So why on earth wouldn’t you keep it that way?

A clean car is a happier car. No questions. Yet, while we’re happy to spend time and money on new accessories for our little beauties, many of us overlook the simple joys of keeping it fresh and tidy. It’s almost impossible to explain why.

This simple 3 step guide to cleaning and hoovering the interior will ensure driving your car stays an enjoyable experience. Whilst you’re at it, give the outside a regular wash too. And don’t forget the wheels.

Car cleaning equipment is cheap and the process is quick and easy. You really have no excuse. If you can wax it twice a year too, then that’s even better!

Clean The Airways

On a hot summer’s day, nothing quite beats the feeling of sitting in the car and turning on the cold air. Sadly, that joy is very short lived if your system pumps out that distinctive old car smell.

Taking your car to have the vents cleaned might sound a superficial improvement, but it really does make a difference. With that odor gone, you’ll fall in love with summer driving all over again.

Obviously, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about if you’ve just bought a brand new car. But for those who have purchase pre-owned, it’s a great way to restore that new car feeling.

Check Oil & Water

Check Your Car Oil Dipstick

We all worry about the performance of our car from time to time, even if we drive a reliable motor like a Volkswagen. However, far too many of us forget to give our vehicles the basic love and attention it needs.

You wouldn’t forget to feed your car with the petrol it needs to work. So why would you even consider not monitoring the water and oil situation on a regular basis.

Checking your car’s fluid levels isn’t difficult or time consuming, as this guide illustrates. However, these basic steps could save you a lot of hassle. In fact, it could even save your life.

If you make just one change to your habits, make sure it’s checking the water and oil.

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