Sound Deadning Finally Finished

Gutted that I forgot the camera today, as got quite a bit done (as well as getting extremely messy) – Managed to get one low quality photo from my phone though

I managed to move the oil cooler into a much better place, and not in the way of the front mount now, also re-routed the pipes so they no longer follow the headers and come straight up and through a gap at the top of the AC Rad (will hopefully get pictures next time I’m up there) – Managed to get oil everywhere, as I thought I had emptied everything out the cooler, but it just seemed to come from no where.

Removing the sound deadning from a Subaru ImprezaFront sound deadening has been removed and cleaned up (ready for paint now), just gotta finish up the rear bench and the boot now (hopefully wont take as long as the front as there isn’t as much there)

Put the dash back in, and trying to figure out this wiring harness (trying to find out what i can remove and what I can keep)

Fitted the strut braces on the car – although I may have to remove the front one again when it comes to do the brakes – abs removal and brake bias kit fitting.

I was looking at replacing my APEXI Induction kit with a K&N one i got a while back, but was unable to see how everything goes together… the Apexi seems to have this massive metal pipe bit which goes intake – Apexi metal bit – silicon hose – MAF – silicon hose then Apexi filter plastic which then bolts onto the filter, now I don’t have much pipe work with the K&N – will take some pictures and try and get some help next time I’m with the car

Not much more to do really, the brakes are going to be the next major thing really and then it should be ready for track

Need to get the oil back in the cooler though, so will have to unplug or unscrew the crank sensor and some how turn over the car (battery is completely dead – could do with getting a dry cell one, but trying to get everything as cheap as possible on this build)

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