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Seems that Auto Trader are now jumping on the blogging/customer review band-waggon, by allowing owners / general public write their own reviews about the cars they have owned.

There is also a prize (£1000) which will be handed out to the top 10 reviews they like (available before January 31st 2011).

If you would like to write a review about your car on Auto Trader, you can by using the link below:

If you are going to write a review, just make sure you register and activate your account first, as I had bother with doing the registration after writing the review.

This will hopefully allow buyers to truly see what the cars they are looking for are really like to drive on a day to day basis.

  1. Auto trader owners reviews are severly censored. I left an honest review of a Jeep Cherokee, but they refused to post it because I complained abot Main dealer parts and labour costs. If anyone wants uncensored owner reviews they should try Parkers

    1. Very strange that like Chris, as I’ve read a few reviews on Auto Trader such as the one you tried to post. Do you still have the review, would love to have a read :)

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