Move to NYC with This Useful Guide

New York is the city that never sleeps, and it attracts millions of people every year. Some only stay for a short while, but others are hoping for a more permanent move. The Big Apple appeals to a vast range of people, from creatives hoping to make it in theatre or comedy to people who want to be an entrepreneurial success. Whatever your reasons for moving to New York City, it could be an incredible adventure that you’ll never forget. You might stay for a few months, a couple of years, or maybe you’ll never leave. Use this short guide to help you organise yourself and make it over there.

What’s Your Plan?

So, you’ve decided you’re going to go and live in New York. While once upon a time you might have been able to hop over there without any plans, you can’t do that now. You would have a difficult time if you turned up without any idea of what you’re there for. You need to know how you’re going to support yourself and where you’re going to live. In fact, you might even have a hard time getting into the country. Before you book a plane ticket, you need to think about what your goals are. Perhaps you already have a job offer or you’re hoping to set up a business.

Getting a Visa

If you’re going to New York for more than a holiday, you’re going to need to check out your visa options. If you’re only going for a short trip (90 days or less), you can apply for the ESTA visa waiver. There are several visa options you’ll need to look at to decide which one is for you. If you already have a job in NYC, it will be much each to make an indefinite move to the city. For example, if you’re a domestic employee moving to the city with your employer (e.g. a nanny), there is a domestic employee visa. There’s also a separate one if you’re on an exchange programme or a religious worker. Research the different visas carefully to ensure you get the right one.

Finding a Home

When your plan is starting to come together, you’re going to need somewhere to live. You might have help from your employer or a moving company to find a home. You can also find a service yourself that will help you get what you’re looking for. For example, Home Hunts offers luxury property in New York. One of the first things you can think about is where you want to live. If you’re looking for luxury property, you’re likely to find it in Manhattan or Brooklyn

Moving Your Life

After organising everything else, moving your things to New York will seem like one of the easier parts. You should decide what you want to take with you and what you’re going to leave behind. Some people move all their possessions. Others prefer to save money and replace their furniture when they’ve moved.

While the idea of moving to New York might appeal to you, getting there is a lot of work. Be prepared for a long journey.

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