What Makes A Man Look Timeless?

What makes a man appear to be in the right moment at the right time, in the right century and place? Is it the way he carries himself? Is it the way he dresses? Maybe it’s the way he speaks and the way he can hold your attention when he does. All of these things are part and parcel for what makes a man timeless but more than anything, it’s his sense of purpose. A man that doesn’t care to follow what’s hot and what’s not is someone who has already set himself apart from the herd. He shows a confidence in himself that does not need to be spoken. He doesn’t care what the current society of the day deems acceptable. He doesn’t need advice on what his manners should be. He doesn’t need to be told what his direction in life should be. He already knows all of these things. He has chosen what he wants to be, how he shall conduct himself, what he will look like and how he will sound. In what ways specifically, could you be something similar to this?

Be proud of your masculinity

Sadly in this modern age there has been regular attacks on what it means to be masculine. Men have been portrayed as oafs and people who are obnoxious. Every human being has these things in them, they aren’t exclusive to men only. But being masucline has become somewhat of a shameful thing to be proud of or admit in public. However we cannot allow the mood of the day to twist what the meaning of something is and always has been. Masculinity is what allows men to take up responsibility for themselves.

Masculinity means taking on the burdens of life without complaining. We don’t hide away from the difficulties of life such as fatherhood, holding a regular job, paying for our own way in the world and being strong for other people around us. It means we don’t require other people to look after us financially and that we are wise with the money we make. We plan ahead in life for not just one rainy day, but multiple rainy days. We make sure that we teach our children good morals such as standing up to bullies, helping the elderly with their shopping bags or cross the street. Masculinity means preparing for the bad times so we can enjoy the good times even more. You should stand tall and be proud to be masculine for all these reasons.

Looks that last generations

A timeless man doesn’t follow a trend that will fizzle out in just a few months. He wants to adorn a style that has been around for many decades and still has meaning to this day. This could be in the way of the classic side parting which has been the most popular haircut of many James Bond actors also. It’s the traditional style that has been used by Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and now Daniel Craig. It’s been part of the 007 character for a reason. It’s always been seen as a British timeless classic, that never gets old, never doesn’t fit a situation and can be worn by anyone no matter how old the man is. However if you’re not able to get this style because of your aging hairline, this is something that can be rectified.

It doesn’t take a week off from your work and it looks natural in terms of your hairline width and length. Consider getting a cheap hair transplant which simply takes the strong hair follicles from the rear of your head and places them further forward where they need to be. This allows your hair to regrow where it had previously fallen out, making for a natural look. With this done, you can then have this classic side parting. It’s a hairstyle that doesn’t require any hair products or time to grow. It’s a short style that only need a comb to be done correctly. That’s what makes it a timeless classic, because it’s able to be worn using the simplest of all hair products, the humble comb.

A keen eye for heritage

When it comes to style, no man that wishes to become part of something that is timeless can overlook heritage. For example, brands that have been around for many decades if not over 100 years are successful for a reason. They are loved by generation after generation because they offer style and quality that no other company can match. For example, if you are going to be adding to your winter wardrobe, you must look at the history of the Hugo Boss overcoat. Using some of the finest and thickest wools in the world, this brand has been a staple in the men’s winter coat for many years. These overcoats are heavy, incredibly warm and stretch far below the knee.

Another brand that has been around for a couple hundred years is Dents. An English leather glove maker, it’s one of the best places to shop if you’re in the market for classic high quality high-end men’s winter gloves. They use the finest sheep and deer leather possible. They are known to be the first choice of winter gloves for some of the most famous people in the land. Dents has a history of making gloves for members of the British Royal Family as well, dating back to the days of King George III. These brands are not so easily found as say Nike or Gucci because these are for the high-end men’s fashion and style ranges. Hence why you need to really look hard and use certain words when are using search engines, such as ‘traditional’, ‘classic’, ‘high-end’, ‘heritage’ and ‘high-quality’.

A timeless man must be proud of being the man he is. He doesn’t need to get the approval of modern society and fit whatever trend is going around. He’s confident in the meaning of being a man and take responsibility for himself at all times. He’s also able to discern classic style from modern fashion, and really appreciate the heritage that some brands have.

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