Adding A Little Masculine Confidence To Your Style

Perhaps the perception of what modern masculinity is seems to be shifting more and more as the years pass. But while everyone might have a different definition of what masculinity means, it’s easy to consider what it is not. Masculinity is not letting yourself fall behind and degrade due to inattention. It’s not blaming others for your mistakes. It’s not deciding to give up on everything and everyone. It’s certainly not treating those around us badly, especially our loved ones. It’s being kind, even if we can’t quite be charming. It’s being grateful, even though we might not find everything in our life going exactly the way we want.

And it can also be found in our style.

While fashion changes all the time and the norms become more and less accepted as the seasons fluctuate, adding a little masculine confidence in your style can always go a long way. It can help express that which you have, and also help you generate more of this feeling. With the following tips, you will have a better time adding masculine care to your style.

Have Your Clothes Tailored

You can have the best wardrobe in your city, but if it doesn’t fit your body type, you’re not going to look good wearing it. Of course, practicality, comfort, suitability to the context of the situation and being well-groomed are other elements of style, but looking and feeling good is of course what it all leads up to. This means that it’s important to have your clothes tailored, or at least having your sizes measured beforehand, so you know how your purchasing decisions should play out. Having your clothes tailored not only helps them form more comfortably on your body, but they can look fantastic.

A tailored blazer will look so much better compared to a blazer that has even a few inches of loose material that doesn’t quite fit with your body. This goes for trousers, shirts and other implements, but of course, it might be that only having your staple pieces considered for this can help you save your investment you could otherwise place on other excellent items.

Invest In The Classics

Too often are modern men interested in wearing high-profile suits to wear to their inner-city jobs, or wearing smart casual down to a T, perhaps with an accessory or two. It can be a little too composed. Sometimes letting your masculine confidence shine is investing in the classics. You don’t need to look like you live on the cutting edge. Sometimes, it’s that which has lasted for a good amount of time that has the most impact, both functionally, aesthetically, and comfortably. For example, tweed clothing can be worn in all weathers, a great pair of boots can help you no matter the function, and a good flat cap can help you seem more rustic and authentic. A nice pair of wellington boots can be essential if walking in a rural environment, a waistcoat can add a vintage charm to your suit, and good, old pairs of rugged jeans tucked into your boots can help you feel like a practical guy.

Invest in the classics. They can help you deeply, and with good reason.

Experiment With Hair Styling

Not all men find it easy to grow excellent beards, but if they can, simply shaving it away each day can be a shame. If this is the style you enjoy, then certainly keep it! But why not also experiment with growing it out? It might be you’ve never seen yourself with a full beard before. Perhaps you might wish to grow a moustache, lip lined or horseshoe. It might seem vintage and old, but it can make a statement, and sometimes doing something you would ‘never do’ can help you assert your ability to do whatever you want.

If you grow your beard out, consider using beard oils to help style and shape it and give it more body. Perhaps consider growing out your hair. If you’ve kept a crew cut for most of your life, it can be worthwhile to see what it’s like when it grows out a little. It might get a little more curly than you were expecting. It might truly help your face shape. Or, you might not like it and wish to return back to before. But at least you’ll know, and have more understanding over your entire facial type.

With these tips, you’re sure to add a little masculine confidence to your style.

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