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    Published on October 12th, 2014 | by James Simpson


    The Best Car Tattoo Designs

    Tattoos aren’t something that appeal to myself, but I do like them in an artistic style (not that I would personally ever get one myself). There are many great tattoo artists out there, and in this article I will show you just some of the best car tattoo design’s I’ve found.

    Ford Car Tattoo Design Ford Car Tattoo Design

    I too am a Ford guy, but this guy has made it publicly known with his Ford Tattoo.

    Classic Americana Car Tattoo

    Old School Americana Car Tattoo

    I do quite like this one, as it can technically mean “American Muscle”… See what I did there?

    Full Back American Muscle

    Full Back Car Tattoo


    This guy must have undergone hours of work on his back to create this American Muscle masterpiece.

    All in all, there are millions of possible tattoo designs, but would you get any car or even manufacture’s logo tattooed onto your body for life?

    If you are after tattoo designs yourself, not just a car tattoo design, Tattoo Shortlist is a great resource to get some ideas for what ever design you are after.


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