Lamborghini Breaks In Half – F1 Safty At Its Best

Lamborghini Breaks In Half - Front

Watch as this Lamborghini Aventador is put through a real life crash test, and the driver walks away unharmed, by the use of F1 crash technology. But who is at fault?

Watching the video, you can see the white Lamborghini coming from the top left hand side of the screen, now in England, the speed limit in built up residential areas is 30mph – It defiantly looks like the the driver of the Lamborghini Aventador is doing in excess of this speed, but then again, you will soon see the Mazda coming from the bottom right hand side of the screen, wanting to make a left turn down a street beside the house which caught this amazing yet shocking footage.

You can clearly see down the street at what is coming up, but for what ever reason the Mazda driver decides to turn straight into the side of the Lamborghini, knocking the rear quarter of the car, which off-balances the car and smashes the rear end of the vehicle into the brick wall, and then the Lamborghini breaks in half, detaching the engine from the cabin of the vehicle.

Lamborghini Breaks In Half

Before anyone says this is a design fault – It isn’t – These are super-cars based on F1 technology, and the best way to reduce the impact and the shock for the humans inside the vehicle is to distribute that shock force around the car, or break something off – in this case, the rear of the car.

It’s safe to say that this Lambo is surely written off, but one life saved with this awesome technology.

Lamborghini Breaks In Half - Front

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  1. Nothing to worry about. The heavy part of the car is disposed of, reducing risk and impact for the passenger pod. Very good design indeed.

    Does look a bit messy, I have to admit.

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