Tips To Reduce Your BMW Car Maintenace Costs


You may think that the initial purchase of a car is the most expensive thing. But in fact the maintenance can be just as costly unless done right. When a car goes wrong, you can end up with huge bills to pay. Sometimes these things are unforeseeable. But with the right level of care and know how you can keep those maintenance costs low.

Having purchased a prestige car such as a BMW. From a reputable dealer like spire automotive. You are always mindful of maintaining the car. It’s an investment at the end of the day. So here are some tips to help reduce those maintenance costs.

Service Plans

Regular servicing of your vehicle can be costly when you have a prestige car like a BMW. Of course, it depends on your mileage and how long you won the car. Some BMW’s offer a two-year or 18,000-mile service for the first one. A BMW 1 series, for example, would require a service every year. There is, however, a cost effective solution to servicing. You could obtain a service plan through the main dealer. This can work to your advantage in some ways. Firstly, most dealers will secure the service price at today’s rate. So if your service is not due for two years, but there prices increase, you have secured your rate of cost. It means you have already budgeted for your maintenance saving you money in the long run.

Secondly, having a service plan in place sometimes means you can get a discount on any parts that you buy. So if things need replacing or you buy parts for cosmetic reasons, then you could save yourself quite a bit of money.

Free vehicle visual health checks

Some main dealers will offer you the chance to have a free vehicle visual health check on the car. This means that a technician will visually check your fluid levels to make sure you don’t need anything topping up. They can check your brakes through the wheel. They will look underneath the car to look at the exhaust and bushes. They will also visually check your tyres to make sure everything is satisfactory. If something transpires from this visual check, you will be notified and you can then decide how you want to pursue it.

The main benefit of this is that firstly it is free. So it’s a great thing to take advantage of. But secondly, it could highlight issues before they become something major. A minor fault is much easier and budget-friendly to repair than something turning into a major incident.

Regular servicing when required

Every dealer will always recommend that you keep up with your regular servicing. Which is why a service plan is always a good option. There are many benefits to regular servicing of your vehicle. Your fluids are checked, your filters are cleaned and changed. It allows the safe running of your vehicle. On a service, a technician may also highlight any other work that would need to be carried out. Again advance warning of these things can mean that you save money in the long run. A huge advantage to regular servicing means that when you come to trade in your BMW or sell privately, you boast a full service history. This is invaluable to the next owner. This can help with your re-sale cost so it’s a worth investment to make sure you keep up to date with these things.

Summer and winter check offers

Summer and winter checks are very similar to a visual vehicle health check. Except that the focus on the season and your car’s ability to perform. So in the winter, it’s essential that your tyres have good tread and that your vehicle is ready for the colder weather. Likewise, for the summer they check things like air conditioning and pollen filters.

During these checks, the bulbs and lights will be looked at. The battery charge will be checked, and all the fluid levels ready for the next few months of motoring. Again having regular checks on your car avoids any major problems happening when you least expect it.

Using the manufacturer or dealer warranty for repairs

If you have bought your vehicle brand new, then the BMW offers a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have bought a used vehicle, you will get the remainder of that and perhaps a dealer warranty as well. It’s worth noting that not everything is covered by a warranty. There will be some terms and conditions to be aware of and you have to be mindful of when something will need to be replaced due to the driver and wear and tear. Your main dealer will be best placed to advise you exactly what is and isn’t covered.

However, as you have a warranty in place, if something needs fixing or replacing then get it done under the warranty. This can save a fortune. Some people think they should go to local garages when having the warranty in place is a great cover. You also have BMW Approved Technicians working on your car which can answer for a lot in regards to what gets done.

Genuine vs. Non-genuine parts. What can you do?

If you are repairing your BMW and there isn’t warranty or such to cover things then when you get your bill it can be a bit of a nasty surprise. BMW parts will not come cheap. So have the conversation with the dealer. Could some of the parts be replaced with non-genuine ones? Most parts come with a warranty all of their own which means that you will be covered in the unlikely event things will go wrong again.

Non-genuine parts can be a fraction of the price which can help reduce your maintenance costs dramatically. As long as they are a like for like part, then these should be considered. Your dealer would be best to advise you and they will always advise you the best scenario. Just remember to ask the questions when it comes to your bill.

If you don’t ask you don’t get but there will always be a deal to be had.

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