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    Published on December 3rd, 2012 | by James Simpson


    BMW 1 Series (2004-2012) Stereo Removal

    In this guide, I will explain how to remove the standard stereo from a BMW 1 Series (2004-2012). The pictures featured in this guide are used as a base guide, where your trim may differ slightly, but the removal of panels and trims will be same throughout the model range.

    Standard Stereo & Car

    Recommended Tools*

    *Note above are general tools you should have when doing this type of job, but you may not need them, see tutorial for exact tools needed


    • You will NOT need a code for the stereo when connecting back up.
    • If you are changing to a new stereo, you will require a PC-65-4
    • If you are fitting a Hands Free Kit (Parrot/Motorola) you will require a SOT-091 (or SOT-930 if premium amplified audio fitted)


     The BMW has to be one of the easiest cars to work on in terms of removing the stereo. All the plastic trims are quite sturdy and all held on by pop clips, making removal using Bojo tools a fairly simple task.First off start by removing the trim above the stereo (this runs all the way over to the passenger side) – I found it easier to start by prising the trim off from the passenger side, and running the Bojo tool towards the stereo.


     Now we will need to remove the climate control, again this is held in with pop clips and prises out easily using your Bojo tool again, starting from each side, genitally pushing the Bojo tool between the panel gap and prising the controls out.

     Finally you will see two Philips screws holding the stereo in at the bottom. Unscrewing these will allow you to slide the stereo out.
    As you can see, once the stereo is removed, there is the standardised “quadlock” connector which plugs directly into the back of the stereo, with the mini connector for the aerial lead.

    About the Author

    University Graduate from Teesside, currently residing in the big city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Interests in the automotive industry and technology, and blogging about things which I feel would interest the readers of the world wide web.

    7 Responses to BMW 1 Series (2004-2012) Stereo Removal

    1. Liam McCann says:


      Does anyone know the size of screws that hold the stereo in?

      As I dropped one and can’t find it :(


    2. Mark Garner says:

      Hello James,

      I’ve recently bought a 2006 120d M Sport and I’d like to transfer my Alpine iDA-X100 iPod stereo from my mk4 Golf to my BMW. Is it possible to fit this head unit into the BMW?
      The iPod connector was wired from the back of the head unit through into the side of the glovebox. So full control of the music was controlled from the fascia.
      So if I fit this head unit into the BMW, can I plug the iPod into the port under the armrest and control the music from the head unit?

      Cheers, Mark :)

    3. John-Clayton Januarie says:

      Hi James.
      i would like to know whether i would be able to connect an amplifier for my subs, to my bmw 120i stereo?

    4. Dave says:

      Thanks for the guide, just about to remove mine. You may want to change ” genitally ” in step 2.

    5. Jim Reynolds says:

      Hi James, radio fitting went well, It already had a after market head unit fitted so the cradle and din wiring adaptor were all ready fitted Can I get a din adaptor that will let me connect the aux wiring on the factory plug to my head unit which has a rear aux input as well as a front one, means I could use the aux input under the center arm rest if I wanted to.
      I think that the 2 heavy black covered wires on the factory loom are the aux inputs for the factory radio?
      could be wrong.
      Any help would be appreciated. ps im in New Zealand
      Regards Jim Reynolds

    6. Jim Reynolds says:

      Thanks for the guide, just brought a 118i from japan and need to change the radio,
      Best guide, very helpful.
      Thanks Jim.

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