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    Published on October 28th, 2014 | by James Simpson


    5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Gmail

    Gmail is amazing, but did know that you can do a lot more then just send and receive e-mails? Here are 5 awesome features that Gmail has that you can start using today.

    1. Never worry about sending an email by accident

    Gmail let’s you un-send emails as long as you realised the mistake within the first seconds of sending it. You can activate it by going to your inbox setting and looking under the “Labs” tab. You’ll see an option here to Undo Send, jus make sure it’s enabled and your covered.

    2. You’ll never use a fax machine again

    You can integrate a variety of services with your Gmail account and one of them is online faxing. Using the internet to fax has become very popular recently and now you can also send a fax from Google Drive. You can use a paid service such as RingCentral or MyFax (these are great for businesses and if you send/receive a good amount of faxes each month) or you can use HelloFax’s free service that let’s you send up to 5 free fax pages.

    3. Organise your subscriptions

    When you sign up for newsletters it can get a bit overwhelming after having more than 10 subscriptions. An easy to to keep track and organise is by adding a plus sign (+) followed by any word to associate the subscription with. For example if you where subscribing to a recipe site you could use this email address: This will still work and you will be able to filter your different subscriptions and also if they give out your email to any third parties.

    4. Be a Keyboard Wizard

    You can activate Keyboard shortcuts from the settings options in your Gmail. Doing this will allow you to easily access different parts of Gmail without having to use your mouse. For example, when this features is activated, you can just hit the “r” key to respond to an email, or type “c” to create a new email and so on. You can get the full list here and be a keyboard wizard!

    5. Handle Multiple Gmail Accounts in One Place

    If you have several Gmail accounts then you can add them all into one account so you don’t have to jump back and forth with them. Just add on additional accounts in the settings area and go under the Accounts and Import tab. You will see an option to “Add another email address you own” and you will also be able to reply from this email from the inbox you are adding too.


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