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ASP.NET is a great framework designed by Microsoft to create dynamic web apps and webpages. ASP.NET is an essential component of .NET environment. As an element of Microsoft’s .NET framework, ASP.NET makes a perfect tool for web developers, since it gives them an opportunity to build dynamic websites and web applications using any language supported by .NET framework and a rich toolbox provided by the Visual Studio integrated development environment.

More and more web developers provide ASP.NET development services. It provides them with a stable platform for coding, the amount of code needed to create large apps and websites is reduced to the minimum, coding and compilation are very easy. ASP.NET is cross-platform by nature, which means it can be used on different operating systems. Projects are safe and secure with built-in Windows authorisation methods. ASP.NET offers full support for object-oriented programming, as well as CSS, XML and other web standards. Development and deployment are very quick and easy.

ASP.NET is often confused with ASP.NET MVC; some think that the latter is a replacement for the former. MVC isn’t a replacement, it is a newer, separate development model that can also be used to develop ASP.NET webpages and web apps.

.NET MVC is designed with a very clean separation of concerns and capability in mind. This framework provides simple test-driven development and full control over CSS, HTML and JavaScript. However, it doesn’t offer state management techniques which ASP does. ASP needs an experienced programmer with a good knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript, while ASP.NET abstracts these details and provides automatic plumbing.

Overall, ASP.NET MVC is recommended for large teams developing large-scale projects, while ASP.NET works better with limited teams developing smaller apps or websites.

Technical details aside, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC are very popular among programmers, which means there are a lot of useful resources for ASP.NET web and app developers. For large and complex web apps and for small business websites, ASP.NET makes a lucrative platform for development.

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