iTunes was unable to load provider data from Sync Services – Windows7

After updating iTunes to the latest version the other day, I’ve had nothing but bother trying to sync my iPhone with iTunes to update my iPhone to the latest 4.0 version.

Upon starting iTunes and connecting my iPhone, I received the following message

iTunes was unable to load provider data from Sync Services

After pulling my hair out finding that pretty much all solutions didn’t work, and most of them were for Windows XP, I tried the following (which worked for me)

1. Close iTunes down
2. Navigate to C:/Users/{YOUR ACCOUNT}/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/
3. Remove the contents of /SyncServices/
4. Start iTunes
5. Connect iPhone

Everything now should work as it should :)

  1. Brilliant – Fixed – I use Vista – This has taken me days of pratting about.
    Many thanks for taking the time to publish the fix.
    Pity Apple Support can’t be bothered.

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