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    Published on June 6th, 2010 | by James Simpson


    Impreza @ Croft RSOC Regional Day 2010

    Yet another excellent weekend spent at Croft Circuit, North Yorkshire.

    First the problems…. well there was only one major problem this weekend. This problem happened all Saturday, the car was running, but was only boosting to 0.60 bar at the most, it was doing my head in, i checked everywhere for leaks in the system, even disconnected my new electronic boost controller (EBC) and put in a manual one to see if that was the problem to no avail.

    Sunday then came around, and while having a look over the car, my mate saw that the actuator rod had actually come off the waste gate pin (I never noticed this DOH) put the rod back on the car and WOOOSH, I had full boost again (1.15 bar max)

    The only other problems I found….. Saturday it was rather hot out on track, and even hotter in the car (no blowers to cool you down – only windscreen blowers) so a roof vent may have to be my next purchase

    Sunday once boost was fixed, there were two problems and this was down to the wet this time (was hoping for nice sunny weather gain, but my hopes were met with rain), I found out that I should get some proper racing wet slick tyres, as road tyres just didn’t do, tried going around the corner and was met by a 4 wheel Ken Block style drift heading towards the fields :o

    The other problem was the windows steaming up, just couldn’t get the fans to clear the sides of the wind screen, and the steam just took over forcing me to the pits to clear them – have this bar of stuff that is supposed to stop windows and things steaming, so may try that on the window next time.

    Anyway, loads of pictures and video footage this time, so I’m in the process of sorting all these out.

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