MusiConnect SOT Lead Review

MusiConnect Lead

I have been using the MusiConnect SOT lead which is linked into my Parrot MKi9200 for over a year now, and I have to say, its one of the best bits of wire I have ever purchased.

The MusiConnect SOT lead plugs directly into the back of my Ford Focus ST Stereo, and allows me to link the Parrot streaming capabilities directly into the standard stereo amplifier, which provides better sound quality and allows me to control the volume/bass/treble/fade directly from the car stereo its self.

The installation process for the MusiConnect lead is simple, the hardest part is removing your old stereo (hopefully you’ll be able to find the guide on my website). The connectors are all plug and play (as long as you have the correct cable for your car and Parrot Device). There is no need to chop or wire anything at all, which makes these cables so great.

MusiConnect SOT Lead Video Review

MusiConnect SOT Conclusion

These leads can be a little hard to find, and also confusing when trying to purchase the correct lead for your car, and the device you want to use the lead with. The only dealer I could find is on eBay (although I have tried to contact the suppliers of these cables to sell these in my own fashion, and make it easier for customers to find the one they require.)

Overall, I think this is an excellent cable, and always recommend these to people who like sound quality, and control over their streaming from the Parrot blue box, which is just fine for phone calls, but lacks that extra when streaming music.

  1. Just stumbled across this blog when looking into why my MKi9200 sounds so poor when streaming music. Had one of these boxes before in a Civic and to be honest the quality was ok, but having the same box (albeit a much newer model) in my 3 series, the sound quality is dire. No warmth or true bass, and crank up the volume and it just distorts. The head unit itself does none of this and has plenty of punch.

    Spoke to the eBay chap who runs that store and been pointed at a particular cable which I’ll be getting and fitting. Curious to see how it handles muting on calls etc, but it will be nice to have my parking sensor beeps, and warning bongs back when using the Parrot as the SOT cable stopped all that completely.

    Thankyou for the blog and the advice – it’s saved the Parrot kit basically as I had become a bit reluctant to use it due to the sound quality. :)

    1. UPDATE: Fitted my new cable a few days ago. Not 100% straightforward as the switched live on the original Parrot SOT cable was spliced into an Ignibox feed (due to there being no reliable switched live in a 3 series it seems) so I had to use a choc bloc and re-splice that into the blue cable on the new lead. But this was included in the instructions once I’d decided to read them. :)

      The improvement in sound quality is nothing short of incredible. Shows how weak the built in amp that’s in the Parrot is…. Couple of points to note though:

      1. The BMW Professional head unit in my car needs to be powered on and on aux for music output from the Parrot. It doesn’t automatically switch to this but I expected this as it’s no longer SOT.

      2. Telephone wise, the head unit can be switched off or doing whatever – it doesn’t matter, calls still come through and through the speakers. Not sure how this works but it does. :) It’s like the telephone bit is still SOT but the music is aux. Works well.

      3. Re volume control, you have the volume on the Parrot which is the aux input and then the volume controls on the head unit. Also the equaliser on the Parrot on top of the bass/ treble controls on the head unit. Just something to consider as it’s now a little more complicated/ flexible than it was before as purely SOT where the Parrot talks directly to the speakers.

  2. Hi james great blog mate,

    Iv got a focus st non facelift model with the square shaped black sony stereo would it be the same plugs on the back as your stereo,
    I have a parrot mki9200 which im fitting soon thanks james

  3. Hi James

    Thanks for your tutorials.
    I have a Ford Focus mk2 (restyling) (2007 July) and have just ordered a MusiConnect cable.
    My car cames with a Sony MP3 single cd player which supports bluetooth calls but no A2DP.
    I plan to order a Parrot MKi9100 but have a couple of questions prior to the purchase:
    1. Is it possible to configure the 9100 to keep its sound output to 100%? I saw you doing this with the 9200 to take advantage of the MusiConnect and manage the volume with the sony radio. If it is possible, does it save settings after powering the car off?

    2. Do I need any other component ordered other than the parrot mki9100 itself and the musiconnect kit? I wouldn’t like to find myself missing a cable in the middle of the installation.

    Thank you very much

  4. Thanks for the reply.

    I have checked the suppliers page for the MC2082 lead and it states that another part is required to tap into the ignition (igni box – MC9905). What do you know about this? Did you have any issues?


      1. Hi James,

        Ford Focus 2010 Econetic

        I believe it’s the facelift model and has the new shape 6000CD stereo (same shape as your Sony)

        Very good site by the way :-)

      2. Hi James

        I am looking to install a Parrot mki9200 kit to my Toyota Hilux 2.4HL2 D-4D. It is fitted with a TAS200 Toyota stereo and registration number is GJ13 UFX. Would you be kind enough to confirm which lead I may need to improve the sound to bypass the Parrot built in amp and where to get one?

        Many thanks


  5. I am looking at purchasing a lead to connect my parrot to the factory stereo. I am tempted with the musiconnect because of simplicity (less wires and no hard wiring).

    I will have an iPhone connected via bluetooth which will be used for calls and music.

    You have mentioned that the steering controls still work for controlling volume etc, but I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is it possible to skip tracks on the iPhone using the steering controls?
    2) Is it possible to make/end a call using the green/red phone buttons on the stereo?
    3) Is it possible to make/end a call using the steering controls?

    Basically I would like to be able to use the carkit using the factory fitted controls and exclude the parrot remote – I found it quite unreliable.


    1. Hi Richard,

      Unfortunately the short answer to all your questions is no.

      Basically the Parrot is a separate device and cannot be controlled that way at the moment (there are connectors out there to link other cars buttons to do as you requested, but not on the fords)

      The lead just uses the aux input on the stereo to amplify the sound from the parrot (which gives you better sound quality than the Parrot blue box – which is half the size of the stereo).

    1. Should be number 1, but the best way to check is to plug everything in, but don’t put the stereo back in the hole, turn the stereo on, and then use your parrot, try each cable until it mutes on calls.



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