Service Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK7 (Petrol)

Ford Fiesta Zetec S

This guide explains how to service Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK7, which features the Ford 1.6 litre engine. I will walk you through everything you require from the parts you will need before hand, and how to find and remove items such as the sump plug and the oil filter.

The price from Ford for the same service would come to £200, and I know I can do the same service for a fraction of the price, and make sure everything is done correctly for peace of mind.

This guide is suitable for the following models:

  • Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK7 (2009-2013)

Service Ford Fiesta Zetec S Info

The Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK7 should be serviced every 12,500 miles, or every year, as per Ford’s guidelines. However, it may be good to have a mid service, where you could just drop your oil and replace with fresh oil (This seems to be a regular talk among Ford Owners Clubs). The full service Ford Fiesta Zetec S Schedule can be found below.

Ford Fiesta Zetec S MK7 Service Schedule

Year 1 (12,500 Miles)

  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Replace Oil
  • Replace Air Filter

Year 2 (25,000 Miles)

  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Replace Oil
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Brake Fluid

Year 3 (37,500 Miles)

  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Replace Oil
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Spark Plugs

Repeat from Year 1 every 12,500 miles, until 10 years or 125,000 miles where you will require your coolant and timing chain to be replaced. You can also get the service schedule from the Ford ETIS Website.

Service Ford Fiesta Zetec S Parts Required

These are the following parts you will have to purchase to service your Ford Fiesta Zetec S (note you will only need the top 3 for a small service)

  • 4.0 litre Oil – Recommend Castrol Magnatec 5W30 – Get yourself 1x 4.5 litre bottles (usually on offer in Halfords)
  • 1x Oil Filter (Ford Fin: N/A) or obtainable from Halfords
  • 1x Sump Plug Washer (Ford Fin: N/A) or from Halfords
  • 1x Air Filter (Ford Fin: 1594615)
  • 1x Pollen Filter (Ford Fin: 1566997)
  • 4x Spark Plugs (Ford Fin: N/A)
  • Full Service Kit Available from Ford Parts UK

Tools Required

You will need to confirm you have the following tools, especially the oil filter socket!

  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • 17mm Socket
  • Wrench (Compatible with the 36mm socket above)
  • Car Jack
  • 2x Axle Stands
  • Bucket (to empty your oil into)
  • Rag – as it can get a little messy

Confirm you have all of the before attempting to service your car, else there it may be a long way to walk to your local auto parts store when your car has no oil in.

Service Ford Fiesta Zetec S Steps

As stated above, make sure you have the correct tools – It helps to line them all out to make sure.

Ford Fiesta Zetec S

First use your jack to jack the car up, and place axle stands under the car to support it while you work under the car. Once the car has been raised and is supported, you will have clear sight of the sump, and oil filter.


Back under the bonnet of the Fiesta, it is best practise to loosen the oil filler cap, to allow the oil to flow out of the engine easier. I also pull the dip stick out a little to stop air locks, and allows the oil to flow.

Ford Fiesta Zetec S Engine

Back under the car, you will need to get your socket set, and loosen the sump plug which is located on the back of the sump. Make sure you have a rag at the ready, and also position your bucket to catch the oil coming out.

Ford Fiesta Zetec S Sump

Ford Fiesta Zetec S Oil Change

While the oil is draining from the sump, we will need to remove the oil filter. This can be quite tight some times, other times you can just wrap two hands around the filter and turn to remove this from the car. If you find the oil filter is suborn and does not want to move, get yourself a long flat head screwdriver and jam this straight through the filter, this will allow you to get some leverage and remove the filter.

Once you have tightened the oil filter cap, you can get back under the car, and re-fit the sump plug (with its new washer), and we are ready to re-fill the car with fresh oil. Look at the state of the old oil I removed from my brothers Ford Fiesta Zetec S.

Ford Focus ST Dirty Oil

You can go ahead and pour around 3.8litres of oil into the car, as it will easily take all this.  While the oil is settling into the sump, you can go ahead and put the car back on the ground.

Finally, using your rag, take the dipstick out, give it a clean, and insert the dip stick back into its housing. Wait a second or two and remove the dip stick again, and check its level. You are aiming to get the oil a little over half way at this stage (as there is currently no oil in the filter, or the pipes leading to this). If you are a little low, top up your oil, wait a little bit for the oil to drain through the engine, and test again.

Once you have your oil level over half, start your car for a slight moment and turn the car off, and re-check the oil using the dip stick. If the oil has dropped below half, give it a little top up to get the oil around half way up the reading on the dip stick – Remember oil expands when its warm, so chances are when you have taken the car for a drive and the oil is up to temperature, the oil will be a little under the full mark on the dipstick.

Another positive feature of changing your oil, you’ll notice the MPG increase! Now go give your car a wash and a fresh tank of 99 octane fuel, and it will thank you for its birthday!

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  1. Thanks for this guide .i have been looking for the oil filter postion and wondering if i could do a service myself.may be of help to mention how to turn off the REPLACE OIL SERVICE NOW message on the center display? I found a way to do this on youtube involves holding down brake and clutch at the same time with the ignition key moved in the correct way.

  2. ayup james. any tips on changing the drivebelt on mk7 fiesta zetec s? im having a mare tryin to get the new belt

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