Michelin 12262 High Power Rapid Digital Tyre Inflater

Michelin 12262 High Power Rapid Digital Tyre Pump

The Michelin 12262 Digital Tyre Inflater is a must have buy, especially if you check your tyre pressures as much as I do, I have had a 12v tyre inflater for a while (Halfords cheap thing – that recently gave up the ghost), so I treat myself to a newer model. After browsing the shelf’s at my local Halfords, I decided to give the Michelin High Power Digital Tyre Inflater a go.

Straight out of the box, I could tell the quality was excellent compared to my old unit (much heaver and looks extremely well built), but the bit I like the most is the actual end connector, the but that connects to the tyre valve (its the small things I suppose).

The best thing about this unit is that all you have to do is set the pressure you require (in either bar or psi), switch it on and let the unit do all the work. It also features two LED lights, which can be helpful if you are pumping your tyre up in the dark or in the garage… Its as simple as that.

You also get a little accessories pack to allow you to pump up things like footballs and other inflatable goodies.

Mine gets used every week for checking my tyre pressures, and always comes with me on my track days to monitor tyre pressures after every session.

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